Meta quest for business licence

Meta Quest for Business

The subscription includes :

  • 01 Access management: Create Meta accounts managed by your organisation. Two-factor authentication and single sign-on integration ensure the security of your organization's accounts.
  • 02 Device Management: Deploy and manage your Meta Quest devices with native and integrated Mobile Device Management (MDM) controls and security features that allow you to wipe devices, set PINs and more. Options for configuring your device fleet with selected third-party MDM providers.
  • 03 Application management: Select and send applications approved by your organisation directly to devices.
  • 04 Standard Support: Support helps you with all device management, Admin Center and account issues.

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Compatibility: Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest 2, and Meta Quest Pro

MDM by Meta

MDM by Meta solution

A subscription to Meta Quest for Business extends the power of Meta Quest across the enterprise, unlocking new business solutions and enabling new ways of working.

Gestion des utilisateurs (Meta Quest for Business)


01 Access management

Introduce effective control over the use of Meta Quest VR headsets within your organisation using the Administration Centre.

This system streamlines the management and configuration of user accounts, ensuring seamless integration with leading identity management solutions.

With these tools, organisations can easily automate the provisioning process, providing a more efficient and secure way to manage virtual reality technology in the workplace.

Gestion des appareils (Meta Quest for Business)


02 Device management

This tool, equipped with its own mobile device management (MDM) system, is also compatible with external MDM services, including Invanti (formerly known as MobileIron), VMware Workspace ONE and Microsoft Intune.

Administrators can manage multiple devices simultaneously through a central administration centre. This includes the ability to configure mass provisioning, set up device profiles and monitor the status of each device.

In addition, it supports advanced features such as setting up certificate-based Wi-Fi connections, facilitating PIN resets and performing remote wipes on devices, ensuring both convenience and security in device management.

Gestion des applications (Meta Quest for Business)


03 Application management

Improve the operational dynamics of your organisation by customising work-related interactions.

With the ability provided to administrators, they can seamlessly introduce and monitor proprietary applications on Meta Quest headsets. This is possible via the Device Manager using APK links or a dedicated sales channel.

In addition, administrators have the power to regulate the visibility and accessibility of applications to users. They do this by restricting access to the Quest App Store in the configuration settings of the devices they manage, ensuring a targeted and personalised application environment for users.


04 Standard support

Each Meta Quest for Business subscription comes with standard support. Administrators can obtain support for Meta Quest for Business or device-related issues via the Admin Centre.



Subscription add-ons (Chargeable add-ons)

Shared Mode

The shared mode feature of Meta Quest devices introduces a collaborative and flexible user environment.

It allows multiple people to use the same device while maintaining individual access and preferences. Administrators have the power to specify which applications are available to different users.

The special feature of this mode is the elimination of the need for a Meta account for each user. Instead, a simple PIN code system allows users to quickly access their personalised settings, simplifying the experience and maintaining a balance between user autonomy and administrative control.

Mode partagé (Quest for Business)
Support Plus (Quest for Business)

Support Plus (24/7)

Enhance your customer service by providing round-the-clock access to support professionals.

In addition to traditional support methods, introduce live chat options for real-time assistance, and prioritise fast response times to raise the level of customer care.

This approach ensures that help is always available when needed, providing users with a seamless and efficient support system.

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Meta Quest for Business is open to companies that are legally established in the regions where the service is supported, and to their authorised staff. Companies can purchase Meta Quest headsets either before or after registering for Meta Quest for Business. In addition, as a company grows, more headsets can be incorporated into the company account. To access the full range of Meta Quest for Business features, including device management and single sign-on, users are required to operate with Meta business accounts.

Employees who already own a Meta Quest device can integrate their personal device into the Meta Quest for Business configuration. This integration is subject to a few pre-requisites: the company must be a registered participant in Meta Quest for Business, and the employee must connect to their device using a Meta account that is configured and supervised by their employer.

To ensure seamless management and connectivity with the company's Meta Quest for Business system, these personal devices will need to be reset and enrolled in the program. This approach allows for a simplified transition from personal to business use, using existing hardware for business purposes.