Meta Quest Pro (899-00412-01)
Collaborez en réalité mixte
La technologie portable ultime
Connectique USB-C sur le côté gauche
Contrepoids arrière confortable
Facteur de forme optimal
Le multitâche, le nouveau super-pouvoir

Meta Quest Pro

- Meta's Mixed Reality Headset
- Work in a mixed virtual and real world environment
- Wearable and autonomous technology

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📄 Description

The virtual to deeply impact the real

Choose a new world and enter it with the Meta Quest Pro. The Snapdragon XR2+ processor that drives it has great graphics power, so there's no need for a PC or console. You can enjoy games, experiences and meetings in VR completely wirelessly. With 4 times the resolution of the Quest 2, the Pro can make you forget you're not in the real world.

And the new "Pancake" lenses make the headset compact and lightweight, making it more comfortable to wear. Inward-facing cameras read your facial expressions and body movements in real time, so your avatar can laugh along with you, which is ideal for virtual meetings with colleagues or friends. Quest Touch Pro controllers are now smaller and smarter. They feature three cameras for better tracking and TruTouch haptic feedback to help you interact with digital objects. VR has never been so good to look at and touch.

The Meta Quest Pro is an impressive mixed reality headset, but its battery life issues and lack of focus on VR may turn some users off / Techradar

Some key points to know :

  • Mixed reality combines VR with the world around you, allowing you to hold virtual meetings in your own living room.
  • The Pro's screens have 75% more contrast than the Quest 2, so graphics will be more realistic than ever.
  • You can add a stylus tip to the controllers if you want to draw or write in virtual reality.
  • To keep the Quest Pro and its controllers ready to go, there is a new charging station.
  • The included light blockers allow you to choose the level of immersion that suits you.
  • It's backwards compatible with Quest 2 apps, so you don't have to worry about losing your progress.

Features :

 Resolution 1800 x 1920 pixels (per eye)
Field of view
Refresh rate
90 Hz
Snapdragon XR2+
Random Access Memory (RAM)
12 Go
256 Gb
IPD adjustable
manually (55 - 75 mm)
📦 Included in the box
Items included in your package :

- (1) Meta Quest Pro Headset
- (2) Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers
- Charging station
- USC-C 45W Power Adapter
- Controller Charging Cable + Headset Charging Cable
- (2) stylus tips
- (2) Leakage rings left and right
- Cable tie
- Protective cover
- Cleaning cloth
- (2) straps
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