Professionals & administrations

We support professionals, administrations and public authorities in their specialised VR/AR/XR equipment projects.

We are used to working with companies and offer unique services to improve your daily life and facilitate your management of quotes/invoices and documents.
⚡️ Average response time under 30 minutes

Customer portal

You have a secure area where you can consult, save and download :

  • Quotes
  • Invoices
  • After-sales service tickets
  • Documents (KBIS extracts, IBAN, etc...)

Don't waste any more time finding your supplier invoices and other documents, we do the work for you and bring everything together in your personalised Customer Portal!

Devis client

Request a quote

To request a quote from our sales team, to be efficient and to answer you as soon as possible, you just have to :
  • Indicate the products (Name - SKU) and quantities required
  • Your billing/delivery address
  • Contact (Name - Email - Tel)

Administrations & public authorities

We offer our expertise and services to public authorities and government bodies. Take advantage of our personalised support and adapted processes for your purchases.
  • Quote
  • Payment by administrative order
  • Deposit of invoices on Chorus Pro
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