Nouveau VIVE Tracker (Inside-Out) pour cette année 2023
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New VIVE Tracker (Inside-Out) for this year 2023

by Nathan Chadaigne on Mar 20, 2023

HTC today announced a new Vive Tracker accessory, the first in the industry to use inside-out tracking, meaning it does not require an external tracking system (such as a SteamVR Base Station).

The device can be attached to objects to integrate them with virtual reality or to the user's body for enhanced body tracking.

New VIVE Tracker in 2023

The Taiwanese company has just announced its next tracker, which is called "Self-Tracking Tracker" for the moment. It is the first autonomous tracker based on inside-out tracking using on-board cameras to track position in space. No external tracking camera is required for this innovative tracker to be used.

HTC states that up to 5 standalone trackers can be used at the same time and can be used for an enhanced body MOCAP.

There is no release date yet, no price, and very few technical specifications mentioned (like battery life). However, the very good news is that this device will support standalone VIVE headsets (VIVE Focus 3, XR Elite), PC VR headsets (VIVE Pro series) and a fully independent mode to use it for other than virtual reality (virtual studio, motion capture...).

The tracker is also based on OpenXR, which will allow it to be used with headsets from competing brands.

The few known characteristics

  • The base of the tracker has a quick release system to easily remove it from the bracket.
  • Standard threading to attach the device to various mounts or straps.
  • 50% smaller than the VIVE Tracker 3.0 (Height)
50% smaller in height than VIVE Tracker 3.0

Call for developers

Developers who want to experiment with the new tracker can contact HTC. The development phase seems to be a priority for the company and feedback from users is essential.

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