L'abandon de la plateforme Varjo Reality Cloud
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The discontinuation of the Varjo Reality Cloud platform

by Nathan Chadaigne on Jun 14, 2024

Varjo, the pioneer in virtual and augmented reality, recently announced the discontinuation of its XR streaming platform, Reality Cloud. This decision marks the end of an ambitious initiative aimed at providing high-quality XR streaming solutions to businesses worldwide.

Reason for the discontinuation

The main reason cited by Varjo for halting the development of Reality Cloud is the diversity and complexity of XR streaming needs of large companies and organizations. Varjo acknowledged that their clients require more flexible and secure solutions than Reality Cloud could offer.

In April, Varjo announced the support of Reality Cloud on Quest 3 and Quest Pro, but today the XR company is ending this support.

support for Quest 3 and Pro

Transition to other solutions

Varjo has decided to focus on improving the streaming solutions offered by third parties and developing local streaming capabilities for businesses. This strategic shift aims to better meet the specific requirements of their clients in VR and XR, enabling more precise and secure adaptation.

Implications for users

Reality Cloud users are encouraged to turn to other available XR streaming solutions on the market. Varjo is committed to supporting this transition by providing advice and technical support to integrate these new solutions.


Varjo's discontinuation of Reality Cloud highlights the challenges faced by technology companies in meeting the varied and evolving needs of large organizations. This decision allows Varjo to focus on more customized and secure solutions, ensuring a better alignment with their clients' expectations.

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