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Meta announces price drop for Quest 2 and Quest Pro

by Nathan Chadaigne on Mar 09, 2023

Meta announced on its blog on 3 March that it was lowering the price of the 256GB version of the Meta Quest 2 as well as its latest standalone XR model, the Quest Pro.

The company originally launched two variants of the Quest 2 (64GB & 256GB) when it was first released. The 64GB version was replaced in 2021 by a larger 128GB version for the same price.

In the summer of 2022, the manufacturer logically announced the bad news of an increase in costs and sales prices (a logical and cyclical decision).

Price drop

From 15 March in Europe, Zuckerberg's company is lowering the public sale price of its two flagship devices of the moment:

The company seems to be changing its prices to attract more Quest 2 fans to the Quest Pro before it launches the third generation Quest 3 (more powerful later this year).

The strategy is to make the entry-level VR headset (Quest 2) more affordable now to make the upcoming Quest 3 slightly more expensive for users looking to upgrade their hardware.

Access to dev platforms

In its blog post, Meta also announces the availability of its cutting-edge "Meta Reality" & "Infinite Display Optical Stack" technologies to enable more companies, developers and creators to exploit these technologies.

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