Meta Quest 3 Titan Skin VR
TitanSkin for Quest 3 (Front)
TitanSkin for Quest 3 (left side)
Titan Skin for Quest 3 (right side)
Anti theft loop
Bottom with buttons

Security System - Protection for META QUEST 3 Headset (TitanSkin VR)

- Discover the ideal all-in-one solution for ensuring the security, protection and even recharging of your headsets.

- Thanks to our aluminium protection, you can effectively prevent potential damage to the headsets while avoiding unauthorised tampering.

- Deliver a secure, hassle-free virtual reality experience with our complete solution, designed to meet all your protection and charging needs.

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Compatibility : Meta Quest 3
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📄 Description

Meta Quest 3 Headset Protection, Security, and Arrangement System

Discover the ultimate solution to guarantee the safety, protection, and perfect arrangement of your Meta Quest 3 virtual reality headsets. Our high-quality aluminium casing acts as armor, ensuring unparalleled protection against damage, scratches, and accidental button presses.

Our system for securing, protecting, and recharging Meta Quest 3 headsets is designed by the TitanSkinVR company, which guarantees the quality and longevity of your equipment. Offering exceptional scratch resistance, it provides complete protection for your precious device.

🔑 Security

Our solution allows you to effectively protect your headsets, limit unauthorized handling, and prevent theft.

You can now safely conduct demonstrations even in the absence of supervision.

🦾 Protection

The casing of our system is designed to protect your VR headset from accidents, potential theft, and clumsy pressure on essential buttons such as ON/OFF and MENU.

🔋 Recharging (Battery)

With our solution, you can keep your VR headsets constantly charged.

We provide charging cables of 5 meters or less, ensuring continuous usage throughout the day.

⚙️ Arrangement

Our solution offers simple, efficient, and streamlined space arrangement options.

You can easily secure your devices as all models come equipped with a sling attachment or our retractable cable system (pulley).


Looking for a practical solution to organize your space in public places, museums, and attractions?

Whether you're considering opening a virtual reality room, an immersive attraction, or simply offering a 360-degree experience, we understand the challenges of organizing your virtual reality headsets.

  • How to optimize the positioning of headsets for a smooth and captivating experience?
  • How to prevent damage and extend the lifespan of your valuable electronic equipment?
  • How to prevent clumsy handling and theft of your equipment?

All of these questions are relevant, and our product is the answer to these challenges. We have the ability to customize our solutions to meet your specific needs, offering tailored solutions to fulfill all your requirements.

Make your VR space a safe, organized, and conducive environment for an exceptional immersive experience with our protection, security, and arrangement system for Meta Quest 3 headsets.

Technical Specifications:

Material Aluminium (2mm)
Weight 119 grams
Safety loop on top
Protection Protection for the charging cable connector
Compatible Model Meta Quest 3
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