Virtual Reality (VR), AR & XR headsets

Komete XR offers a wide range of VR, AR & XR headsets, including additional devices that allow you to explore virtual worlds without the need for a PC or game console. Business applications and virtual reality games have become more accessible than ever before. Make Meta Quest Pro, Lynx, or VIVE Focus 3 your new corporate training tool for example.

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Choosing your VR/AR headset

However you use virtual reality (VR) - for leisure, education, work - you experience it by wearing a 360° immersive headset. Sometimes called VR glasses, they fit over your head and cover your eyes. These headsets give the feeling of being part of the game/application thanks to the small, very high resolution screens.

The technology has come a long way since its origins (1960s) and well-known manufacturers have now established themselves in the field: Meta (ex-Oculus), HTC VIVE, Sony (PSVR), Pico, HP...

Choosing the right headset will depend on your goals and the equipment you already have. This guide presents the essential elements to make the right choice.
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Glossary and key features

How to compare VR headsets ?

VR is a fast-paced industry, with new announcements and hardware coming out all the time. So here are the key features to consider:

- Displays: Consider the refresh rate and resolution (the higher the numbers, the more realistic and immersive the experience). But pay attention to the pixel density which is calculated according to the resolution and the size of the screen.

- Field Of Vision (FOV): Measured in degrees, this is the width of content visible through the device.

- Cables: Want wireless? The Meta Quest or VIVE Focus 3 are excellent solutions. There are PC-VR headsets, which need to be connected to a powerful PC to exploit its graphics resources. The disadvantage is the cable connection, which can limit your movement.

- Speed and lag: Refresh rate helps reduce lag, as does processing power - this is the trade-off with cables. If you're connected to a PC or powerful console, your headset can do much more than a standalone headset.