PICO 4 Enterprise
Capacités de réalité mixte
casque VR tout-en-un 6DoF de Pico
Suivi intégré du visage, des yeux et de la main
Résolution 2160 x 2160 pixels (par oeil)

PICO 4 Enterprise (PICO 4E)

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- All-in-one headset (6 DoF)
- PICO 4E offers a precise, flexible and immersive business experience
- Eye tracking, Face tracking, Color pass-through

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📄 Description

4th generation all-in-one 6DoF VR headset designed for businesses

Pico 4 Enterprise is a standalone 6DOF VR headset with a 4K+ display. The pancake-shaped lenses are a first for Pico headsets and provide a better image quality than the Pico Neo 3 glasses, while the form factor is significantly more compact and lighter. It is ideal for interactive training, museography and simulations.

The main advantages

Firstly, the Pico 4 Enterprise has a 4K+ display with a resolution of 4320 x 2160 pixels at a refresh rate of 90Hz, making it one of the best displays in a standalone 6DOF VR headset. The 4K+ resolution offers a 35% better visual experience than standard 4K resolution, while the colour saturation rate has been improved by 30% over its predecessor. In addition, the Pico 4 Enterprise has a 105-degree field of view, which is greater than that of the Pico Neo 3 Pro and Meta Quest 2. The wider field of view and improved display give the Pico 4 Enterprise an excellent immersive experience compared to other devices.

Powerful processor

The Pico 4 Enterprise handles the most immersive experiences and applications in its class. The Pico 4 Enterprise is powered by the Snapdragon XR2 chip, the best VR glasses chip on the market. For the record, this is the same chip found in the Oculus Quest 2, the HTC Vive Focus 3 and the Pico Neo 3 Pro. This allows applications developed for the Pico Neo 3 Pro to work in a similar and predictable way on the Pico 4 Enterprise.

Open Android operating system

It runs on an open Android operating system. This means that some features can be modified specifically for business use. These modifications include, for example, disabling buttons or limiting user rights (kiosk mode). Also sideloading and the use of MDMs.

No additional trackers or sensors are required

The Pico 4 Enterprise works with both internal and external tracking with five built-in external cameras and three internal cameras, which means that no external trackers or sensors are needed for room-scale VR, a significant advance on the Pico Neo 3 Pro: four external trackers with no internal tracking. This reduces the obstacles and costs involved in setting up and deploying the headset.

Integrated face, eye and hand tracking

It has built-in eye and face tracking, which is an improvement over the Pico 4. This means the glasses know where your eyes are focused during the VR experience. As well as your facial expressions. This opens up huge possibilities for interaction in virtual reality. For example, it is possible to trigger predefined actions by fixing your eyes on an object or, thanks to face tracking, to make social VR avatars even more realistic and to take VR worlds to a new level. What's more, controllers aren't even needed with the Pico 4 Enterprise due to its built-in hand tracking capabilities, which is not the case with the Neo 3 Pro. This allows even more natural VR applications to be used and developed.

Capture valuable data

Eye and face tracking can provide data on what users were looking at and reacting to during the experience. This can provide important insights into, for example, the effectiveness of a particular VR experience, such as a shop layout or a job interview simulator.

Mixed reality capabilities

The Pico 4 Enterprise glasses feature colour transparency, thanks to the new fifth 16MP RGB camera on the front of the glasses. This upgrades the Neo 3 Pro's mono transmission with colour transmission. This means that users of VR experiences do not need to remove the glasses to interact with the outside world. In addition, this can be used to create mixed reality applications, allowing digital objects to be integrated into the real world. This allows for better 3D visualisations and the design of projects at scale.

Features :

Resolution 2160 x 2160 pixels (per eye)
Field of view 105°
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2
Memory (RAM) 8 GB
Battery life 3 hours
Battery 5 300 mAh
Technologies Inside-Out, 6 DoF, Eye tracking, Hand tracking
Weight  591 g
📦 Included in the box
Items included in your package :

- (1) Pico 4 Enterprise
- (2) Pico 4 controllers
- Mains charger
- (1) USB-C 3.0 cable
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