Le prochain casque MR de Sony : Un aperçu de l'avenir de la créativité en 3D
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Sony's next MR headset: A glimpse into the future of 3D creativity

by Audrey Pompagnini on Jan 10, 2024

In the world of high-tech innovation, Sony has unveiled an exciting new addition to its range: the upcoming Sony MR headset. Due this year, the yet-to-be-named standalone MR headset is generating a lot of buzz thanks to its impressive features, including 4K OLED displays and unique controllers. In this article, we take a closer look at the details of this revolutionary headset and explore its potential impact on the world of 3D creativity and virtual reality.


Unveiling of the spectacular 4K OLED displays

At the heart of the Sony MR headset is the promise of outstanding visual quality, made possible by its remarkable 4K OLED displays.

Cutting-edge display technology

Sony's headset boasts 1.3-inch '4K' OLED microdisplays, but what exactly does that mean? While the company didn't specify the exact resolution, it's important to note that the Qualcomm XR2+ Gen 2 processor powering the headset can support displays of 18.5MP (4100×4100) each. This suggests a high level of detail, clarity and immersion, ideal for 3D content creators.

Enhanced visual experience

The OLED technology used ensures vibrant colours and deep blacks, eliminating the notorious 'screen door effect' and delivering images that are not only realistic but also immersive. This quantum leap in visual quality promises to redefine the way creators and users engage with 3D content.


Innovative controllers for creative expression

The Sony MR headset doesn't just let you see what's there: it also lets you interact with the virtual world, thanks to its unique controllers.

Two separate controllers

Sony has taken an unconventional approach to its controllers. One is a pointer-style controller, designed to be manipulated with the index finger, while the other is a small ring-shaped device, designed to be controlled with the thumb. This new design opens up new possibilities for intuitive and precise interaction in virtual environments.

A tool for 3D creators

Sony has positioned this headset as the ultimate tool for 3D creators. It offers an innovative way to interact and create 3D content, from models to architectural and design reviews. In addition, Sony is working closely with Siemens to ensure compatibility with their NX CAD software, further enhancing its appeal to professionals in these fields.



Sony's upcoming MR headset, with its 4K OLED displays and unique controllers, represents a significant step forward in the world of 3D creativity and virtual reality. As it prepares for release later this year, the headset has already captured the imagination of designers and technology enthusiasts alike.

While some questions about its operating system and compatibility remain unanswered, there's no denying that Sony's commitment to innovation and its partnership with industry leaders indicate that this headset has the potential to redefine the way we interact and create 3D content.

As the release date approaches, anticipation is running high and the world is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to experience the future of 3D creativity with Sony's next MR headset.

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