VIVE Full Face Tracker pour XR Elite

- Eye and face tracking capabilities on the VIVE XR Elite.
- Auto-IPD: Automatic interpupillary distance adjustment for a personalised experience for each user.
- Easy installation: no cables to plug in

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Compatibility : VIVE XR Elite
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📄 Description

The Accessory that Adds Meaning to Your Avatar

Are you ready to revolutionize your virtual reality experiences? The VIVE Full Face Tracker, designed exclusively for the VIVE XR Elite headset, introduces a new dimension of immersion and engagement. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional VR interactions and embrace the future of virtual reality.

Realistic Emotions

Enhance your VR experiences with an extraordinary level of emotional realism. With the VIVE Full Face Tracker, your virtual avatar becomes an extension of yourself. Your smiles, nods, and expressions of surprise will be faithfully reproduced in the virtual world, creating authentic and engaging interactions.

The VIVE Full Face Tracker breathes life into your virtual character.


With the VIVE Full Face Tracker, you can seamlessly connect with high-fidelity MetaHuman digital characters from Unreal Engine, providing a whole new level of realism to your virtual experiences. Please note that Unreal Engine is required for character rigging when using this feature.

Performance Capture

Capture facial performances and create animations for game production, AR and VR experiences, and more. Motion animation can be easily and quickly accomplished.

Example of a user experience to leverage:

  • Operator's concentration time on specific areas (thermal mapping)
  • Gaze tracking to enhance the UX of interactive content
  • Enhancing a trainer's soft skills for a presentation

Embedded Technologies

Foveal Rendering: GPU Performance Optimization

Benefit from optimal GPU performance through foveal rendering. By using eye tracking, we dynamically optimize rendering within your line of sight without affecting peripheral vision.

This technology also enhances professional VIVE streaming with foveal compression for a superior VR experience.

Unlock new possibilities

Automatic IPD Adjustment for Enhanced Clarity

Enjoy crystal-clear visuals with the VIVE Full Face Tracker's automatic IPD adjustment. This innovative feature detects your interpupillary distance (IPD) and makes precise adjustments without affecting the headset's existing IPD range. Effortlessly share your headset with multiple users, eliminating the need to manually adjust IPD each time.

Precision Eye Tracking with Two Cameras

Immerse yourself in immersive experiences with the dual-eye camera equipped with IR illuminators. Capture the origin and direction of gaze, pupil size and position, and eye openness for unparalleled precision in your VR interactions.

Expressive Interactions with Single Facial Tracking Camera

Explore the world of realistic interactions with our single facial tracking camera. It effortlessly captures 38 blend shapes on your lips, jaw, cheeks, chin, teeth, and tongue at a smooth tracking frequency of 60 Hz. The optimized runtime allows you to fully harness the potential of facial tracking and add a new dimension to your VR experiences.

Content Compatibility

SDK Support

The VIVE Full Face Tracker supports the most popular development platforms, including Unity, Unreal Engine, and Native, enabling developers to create rich and engaging VR experiences.

PC-VR Content

Enjoy compatibility with a wide range of existing PC-VR content, including OpenXR and SRanipal platforms, thanks to VIVE Business Streaming.

AIO Tracking

Supports eye and facial tracking content from the standalone VIVE Focus 3 (AIO).


Technical Specifications:

Attachment Magnetic
Connectivity USB-C

Full Tracker: 80g

Gasket Spacer: 4.8g

VR Face Gasket: 32g

Single 60Hz monocular camera, Diagonal Field of View 151°
Software Unity, Unreal Engine, Native support
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- VIVE Full Face Tracker
- VR Face Gasket
- (2) Gasket spacer
- Quick Start Guide
- Safety Guide
- Warranty Card
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