VIVE Business + (Gestion des appareils VR/AR)

VIVE Business + (VR/AR device management)

- Manage your headset fleet
- Remote control
- Batch user management and configuration

✅ Price per device / for 3-year commitment

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Compatibilité: VIVE XR Elite and VIVE Focus 3

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✔️ Registration by QR code
✔️ Group management
✔️ Remote configuration of general parameters (COTA)
✔️ Remote device control
✔️ Roles and access for users/administrators/agencies
✔️ Manual content installation
✔️ Kiosk mode
✔️ VO mode


€140 excluding VAT per device, for a 3-year commitment

✔️ All in Standard
➕ Remote device monitoring
➕ Customised user interface settings
➕ VIVE Location Software Suite (LBSS)


€460 excluding VAT per device, for a 3-year commitment

✔️ All in Pro
➕ Remote content library
➕ Remote content installation
➕ Remote content update
➕ Custom boot sequence€


Discover efficiency and simplicity in a single platform. It's the kind of ease that lets you take control of your standalone VIVE devices:

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VIVE Business+

Management and services software to manage your fleet of VIVE XR Elite or VIVE Focus 3 VR headsets.

It's an enterprise-level web application that lets you manage your fleet of headsets.

Optimise and exploit your operations with remote monitoring and parameter updates.

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VIVE Business+

The main characteristics

Easy device management

Registering your headphones has never been easier.

Scan a QR code with a headset to quickly register the device and configure essential information and Wi-Fi options.

Just look at a QR code while wearing your headset. What's more, our intuitive group management system means that updates and settings can be quickly rolled out to multiple devices with just a few clicks.

Remote control for improved piloting

Know the status of your device at a glance.

Monitor battery levels, device performance and other critical data in real time, wherever you are.

Remote device monitoring gives you the information you need to ensure optimum performance and quickly resolve any issues.

User management

Easily add users and set permissions for administrator, editor and viewer roles within your organisation.

Whether you have multiple teams or multiple departments, VIVE Business+ lets you create multiple organisations and control user access, all from a single, centralised platform.

Customisation: Batch configuration

Tailor your hardware to the unique needs of your business.

With batch configuration, you can easily apply customisable settings to groups of headsets remotely.

This allows you to efficiently manage large-scale deployments and ensure a consistent experience across your entire fleet.

Content library

Efficiently access and manage content across an organisation.

The platform gives you the unique ability to remotely download and manage all your applications and versions, directly from the cloud. You even have the freedom to upload your own .apk and .obb files.

What's more, with the centralised system, you can maintain and upgrade your deployments with complete confidence, allowing you to concentrate fully on your growth.

Content deployment and updates

Propel your applications directly to individual headsets or groups of headsets from your digital library.

Guarantee optimum performance of your devices by providing them with regularly updated content.

With the ability to send application updates and check their installation in real time, you have absolute control over the user experience, ensuring smooth and seamless operation.

Suite logicielle de géolocalisation VIVE

Discover the exclusive features of the VIVE Location-Based Software Suite (LBSS), specifically tailored to enhance location-based services and training scenarios on VIVE Focus 3 and VIVE XR Elite.

Advanced map tracking and sharing capabilities, designed for multi-user and free-roam experiences, are integrated into a complete out-of-the-box solution.

Advanced functionalities

Personalised user experience

Offer a totally personalised user experience. Say goodbye to the standard out-of-the-box (OOBE) experience and showcase your start-up's distinctive logo and animation.

Customise system functionality and user interfaces to suit your specific needs.

Kiosk mode

Eliminate distractions with kiosk mode. Lock users in to the VR experience you want when they use the headset.

Kiosk mode offers many options for customising your device, including tutorials, application permissions, network security and much more, all designed to meet your different business needs.

Visual odometry (VO) mode

Increase user turnover by bypassing environment configuration with VO mode and dive straight into virtual experiences.

Rapidly deploy event experiences, VR-based training programmes, etc. in different environments.