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Protection - Security - Recharging system for PICO headsets (TitanSkin VR)

- (3-in-1) The ideal solution for securing, protecting and even recharging your VR headsets in public spaces, museums, businesses, virtual cinemas, etc.
- The anti-theft membrane prevents damage to helmets and mishandling of buttons (On/Off, Menu, etc.).
- Your headset battery can be charged at all times
- Operate your device safely and unattended.

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📄 Description

Protection, security and recharging system for Pico VR headsets

The perfect solution for securing and protecting your virtual reality headsets. This tough aluminium second skin prevents damage, scratches and clumsy button presses.

The PICO headset security - protection - charging system is equipped with TitanSkinVR technology, which ensures the quality and durability of your product. It offers anti-scratch properties and full protection for your product.

🔑 Security

The solution allows you to protect your equipment, prevent theft. This means you can give demonstrations safely and without supervision.

🦾 Protection

This cover protects the VR headset against damage, theft and accidental button presses (ON/OFF, MENU, Volumes...)

🔋 Recharging (Battery)

Using our system, you are able to charge the VR headset at all times.

We have recharging cables of 5 metres or less that allow you to maintain battery life throughout the day of use.

⚙️ Layout

This solution offers you very simple, high-performance and uncluttered space planning options.

Use this covering to fix the appliance, as all models are equipped with a fixing for a sling or our retractable cable system (pulley).


Very practical for use in public places, museums, attractions, etc.

You are planning to open a virtual reality room, an attraction or simply a 360° immersive experience and are wondering about the layout:

  • How should the virtual reality headsets be arranged in the room?
  • How do you prevent breakage and preserve the lifespan of electronic products?
  • How can we reduce mishandling and prevent equipment theft?

In short, all these questions are legitimate and our product will be able to respond to a wide range of issues. We are able to adapt our products to your specific requirements.

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