Ventilateur pour Meta Quest 3 (Refroidissement, anti-buée)
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Cool ventilator for Quest 3
ACF For Q3
Air frais à l'intérieur pour réduire la buée
Réglage de la distance écran/yeux
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Fan for Meta Quest 3 (Cooling, anti-fog)

- Ventilation to efficiently evacuate hot air.
- Prevents lenses from fogging up.
- the fan has a 500 mAh battery (3 hours of autonomy) and can be plugged in to be powered by the headset.

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Compatibility : Meta Quest 3
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📄 Description

Autonomy, lightness and silence

  • Autonomy : The fan has its own 500 mAh battery for autonomous operation for around 3 hours.
  • Lightweight : The accessory is very light, so you'll hardly feel the extra weight on your head.
  • Silent : The noise of the fan when it's running is barely noticeable, making your virtual reality experience much more comfortable.

Dual Fan Design

The dual fan cooling system blows fresh air through two fans from two air channels. It is much more efficient, powerful, and quiet than the single fan system. The air outlets are upward, and the wind does not blow directly into the eyes.

The Meta Quest 3 fan effectively expels hot air, reduces fogging on the lenses and heat build-up, and the air flow is powerful enough to cool you down quickly.

Not only does it allow players to enjoy VR gaming in a cool, quiet, and comfortable environment, but it also helps to extend the lifespan of the Meta Quest 3 device.

2 Modes

🆒 Internal Air Circulation

When it is hot, air should be blown inside to bring coolness and prevent fogging on the lenses.

💨 External Air Circulation

When it is cold, air should be expelled outward to release all accumulated heat and minimize the temperature difference with the environment you are playing in (Anti-fog).

Custom Facial Interface for Ventilation

The new facial interface features ventilation channels that allow the use of fans. The cushions are made of faux leather to provide pleasant comfort, soft on the skin.

The dial allows you to adjust the distance between the screen and your eyes as on the original interface. With our system, it's even simpler as you just turn the dials.

Bonus: The anti-light intrusion piece at the nose that improves your immersion.

📦 Included in the box
Items included in your package :

- (1) Dual-flow fan
- (1) Face interface
- (1) Charging cable
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