ArborXR - Gestion des appareils VR/AR

ArborXR - VR/AR device management

- VR/AR device management.
- Content deployment and remote control.
- Personalised user experience.

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Plans to suit your needs


€7.30 excl. taxes per device, per month

✔️ Manage an unlimited number of XR devices
✔️ Configure settings
✔️ Keep devices up to date
✔️ Deploy applications, videos, files, WebXR
✔️ Launch applications remotely
✔️ Single application kiosk
✔️ Multi-application launcher
✔️ Limit and moderate access
✔️ Device SDK
✔️ QR code registration
✔️ WiFi certificates


€10.40 excl. taxes per device, per month

✔️ Everything in Starter
➕ Extended device settings
➕ Location tracking
➕ Operating system updates (PICO, Magic Leap 2)
➕ Remote viewing (except Meta)
➕ Session analysis
➕ Programming content updates
➕ Self-hosted content
➕ Branded native environment
➕ Nested groups


€13.60 excl. taxes per device, per month

✔️ Everything in Essential
➕ Remove ArborXR branding
➕ Single sign-on (SSO) in headset
➕ SSO Web portal
➕ Priority support
➕ Audit logs
➕ SLA (on request)
➕ Customised billing (annual plan)
➕ Nested groups

Managing AR and VR devices

Efficiently monitor your AR and VR headsets, and scale XR deployments as much as you like.

Deploying AR and VR content

Install AR and VR content with remarkable adaptability, ensuring constant updates and enabling remote control.

User experience

Enhance the experience by securing devices and providing users with personalised advice. Take back control with ArborXR's Home & Kiosk mode.

Gestion des dispositifs XR

Managing AR and VR devices

Manually managing AR and VR devices poses significant challenges, while traditional mobile device management (MDM) systems often impose limitations.

  • With ArborXR, you can effectively monitor virtual reality devices on your own.

Remote XR deployments can be a complicated task.

  • ArborXR simplifies the process by allowing you to effortlessly manage an unlimited number of devices through mass registration and configuration.
Accès au contenu online

Deploying AR and VR content

ArborXR lets you rapidly deploy XR content remotely with great adaptability.

  • Seamlessly host and deploy applications and files to headsets, validate installation progress.

Ensuring reliable deployment of content in the field is a challenge and can be costly.

  • With ArborXR, you can deploy and update content remotely, maintain meticulous organisation and monitor usage with ease.
Expérience utilisateur

User experience

Discover the users' view inside the helmet. Monitor their progress in real time, offer advice throughout the demonstration and quickly resolve any problems that arise.

ArborXR lets you lock device settings and minimise user distractions.

  • Navigate the virtual world, control applications and tailor access to your preferences.

Restricting a headset to a single application while ensuring it remains tamper-proof can be challenging.

  • With ArborXR, you can secure the VR headset to a single application using kiosk mode. Provide a seamless experience while preventing unauthorised access.

Compatible with the following brands:

Additional services :

Company security

  • Enhanced authentication: your equipment is secure thanks to single sign-on (SSO) and two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Access control: limit user access according to your needs.
  • Secure hosting: connect your own Cloud content platform.
  • Content management: maintain remote control at all times.

Administrators and users

  • Assign roles to users: assign predefined roles according to the desired level of access.
  • Create custom roles.
  • Multi-organisation: create several organisations to group together devices, content, users, etc.
  • Activity auditing: monitor actions using a detailed audit log.

Customer Support

  • Knowledge base: access the support you need via our knowledge base.
  • Dedicated customer support: a team is available and responsive.
  • New features: access to patches and updates.
  • Service availability: the ArborXR infrastructure guarantees a reliable service 99.99% of the time.